FM 200 Recharge

Do you have an FM 200 fire suppression system installed in your Houston, Texas building? If so, you probably already know how important it is to have your system recharged immediately after you use it. Like all of your other fire protection systems – especially fire extinguishers – you want to minimize “down time” when your system will be unable to keep you protected. At Kauffman Co, we offer 24 hour emergency FM 200 service to all of our Houston, Texas customers, meaning you’ll never have to go without the protection of your FM 200 fire suppression system.

When Should You Get FM 200 Recharge?

As we said above, you should try to get FM 200 recharge as soon as your FM 200 system discharges, every time it discharges. Think about it like this – say your FM 200 activates in response to a small electrical fire caused by a spark in your computer room. The system reacts in seconds, putting down the fire before it has a chance to do anything more than blacken a desk. Work continues as normal until another spark jumps from the same plug onto a stack of papers. Your FM 200 system reacts again, but this time it has no FM 200 gas to discharge. No one is in the office at the time and when you get to work the next morning you find that everything is gone.

Remembering to schedule FM 200 recharge as soon as your system discharges is especially important because unlike fire extinguishers, you probably won’t see your FM 200 system every day, meaning you won’t be reminded of it every day. Your best bet? When you find out your FM 200 system has gone off, call Kauffman Co!

If you own or run a building in the Houston, Texas area and need FM 200 recharge, or any other FM 200 services, including inspection or repairs, call Kauffman Co today! Our highly trained and specialized FM 200 technicians can take care of all of your FM 200 needs!