Fire Sprinkler Estimates

We know fire sprinkler installation is a big investment. At Kauffman Co., our project estimators will assess your building's performance requirements and floor plan in order find the most cost-effective solution to meet your fire protection needs. We conduct all necessary code research, estimate sprinklers and pipe routes required, verify material costs and perform a hydraulic analysis of your system. Next, we'll compare multiple system designs and figure out the one that will work best for your budget. The result? You get a fast acting sprinkler system that will protect your building, your equipment and your people in the event of an emergency!

Kauffman Co. fire sprinkler designers and project estimators have extensive knowledge of Houston fire codes and fire marshal requirements, so you can expect your fire sprinkler installation job to require few, if any, change orders. Once you approve the designs, we'll have your new system installed in no time. We provide estimates for new construction as well as retrofitting for existing buildings.

A fire sprinkler system is the most important fire protection system you can install in your building. If you need fire sprinkler estimates for a new or existing building in the Houston, Texas area, call Kauffman Co. or click here!