Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation

A full cup of water spills off the water cooler and lands on the copy machine. Minutes later, a spark jumps from the machine into the paper recycling basket, producing billowing smoke and harrowing flames. Seconds later, the fire sprinkler activates and douses the fire – crisis averted.


In the event of a fire, a fire sprinkler is one of the most important fire safety systems that you can install in your building to save lives, and protect valuable equipment and information. There are many types of automatic fire sprinkler systems available that can put out fires in seconds. If you want to protect your Houston, Texas (TX) building and employees from fires, call Kauffman Co. to install a sprinkler system.

Full service commercial fire sprinkler design and installation

At Kauffman Co., we want to provide you with a one stop shop for all of your fire sprinkler system needs. Our designers and project managers work with you throughout each phase of your fire sprinkler system installation project, from initial consulting work and design, to follow up inspections and maintenance. Kauffman Co. designers and technicians have the most experience of any other contractors in the area. They can install your fire sprinkler system using top quality building materials, backed up by the best customer service in the Houston, Texas (TX) area. Whether you are undergoing a new construction project and need to design a brand new fire sprinkler system, or if you want to upgrade your existing building’s fire sprinkler system with all the newest technology, call Kauffman Co. today.

Our fire sprinkler design process

Our fire sprinkler design and installation process begins with a prof