How to Clean Up After Using a Fire Extinguisher

Imagine this: you’re working at your desk when a spark jumps from an electrical outlet into your trash can, setting it ablaze. You jump up, grab a fire extinguisher, and use the skills from your company’s fire extinguisher training to quickly and efficiently put out the fire. When the extinguisher is empty, you stand there, triumphant, reflecting on the disaster that you just prevented. Then suddenly, something clicks in your head and you realize that you’ve just sprayed mildly corrosive chemicals all over your office and need to clean it up right away!

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When Should I Upgrade My Commercial Fire Alarm System?

Fire prevention is a serious concern for commercial buildings. Because of this, fire alarms are one of the most critical systems in terms of building safety and code compliance. However, like most other building components, your fire alarm system won’t last forever. Is it time for you to upgrade your fire alarm system? Learn to recognize the signs that your fire alarm is nearing the end of its useful lifespan. Continue reading “When Should I Upgrade My Commercial Fire Alarm System?” »

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What Is UL 300?

If you own a restaurant or other business with a commercial kitchen, you must abide by UL 300. If you’re not familiar with this fire testing standard, now is the time to learn the specific requirements and make sure your commercial kitchen is up to code and safe for your employees and patrons. Continue reading “What Is UL 300?” »

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Factors to Consider for Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Because of the risks associated with food preparation—open flames, grease traps, stored flammable products—restaurants are at a higher risk of fire than other types of businesses. The high number of people in a centralized area further increases the risk of employee or customer injury in a restaurant fire. These considerations make it clear that you can’t overlook the importance of fire suppression in restaurants.

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What is UL 864?

UL 864 has been the “Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems” since 1948. Over the years, new editions have made slight changes to the standard. However, the most recent Ninth Edition made approximately 300 revisions to the standard and added 100 new pages of requirements to UL 864.

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Can I Test My Fire Extinguisher?

You’ve installed your fire extinguisher throughout your office building and feel more secure in your fire protection methods. But can you test your fire extinguishers?

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Fire Protection for Storage Facilities & Warehouses

Fire protection in warehouses and storage facilities is extremely important. As a manager of this type of facility, you have to ensure that your structure, equipment, and assets are protected in the event of an emergency. More importantly, you need to make sure that your employees and visitors are safe.

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Halon Alternatives for Fire Protection

If you have a room or area in your property which could receive more damage than it is worth from the water released by a sprinkler system in the event of a fire, you likely have a fire suppression system installed. Fire suppression systems use waterless agents to extinguish a fire quickly and with minimal damage to the assets, equipment, or machines within a room.

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Reduce Your Insurance Premiums with Fire Protection

The cost of insurance for commercial buildings can become unmanageable if you don’t take steps to reduce risks. Some important risks to consider as building manager include break-ins and theft, property damage and destruction, and threat of fires—which can cause severe damage and destruction.

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Is Your Fire Suppression System Outdated?

Did you know that having a fire suppression system that isn’t functioning properly is more dangerous than not having one at all? As a building owner or manager in Houston, you rely on these waterless systems to provide protection to sensitive areas in case of a fire.

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