Do I Need a Fire Pump?

If you have a commercial building that needs sprinklers for fire protection purposes, you might be wondering if a fire pump should be part of the design. It’s a very reasonable question, and we’ll attempt to answer it here. Continue reading “Do I Need a Fire Pump?” »

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Is Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Worth It?

As a business or restaurant owner, you should understand the importance of having a fire sprinkler system installed. Such a system is far more effective at tackling unexpected fire emergencies, keeping your staff and employees safe, and minimizing fire damage than relying solely on fire extinguishers.

Once the system is installed, you also recognize the importance of having the sprinkler system regularly inspected, tested and maintained. The National Fire Protection Association recommends having a professional service your system once a quarter to ensure it will operate correctly when you need it most.But what about fire sprinkler system monitoring? Is it worth it? The short answer is yes, but read on for more specific reasons why. Continue reading “Is Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Worth It?” »

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Will the Water in My Fire Sprinkler Pipes Freeze?

As long as your fire sprinkler system is installed correctly and maintained regularly, you don’t need to worry about it freezing when the temperature drops outside. If you’re not sure what condition your sprinklers are in, you can take the following steps to give yourself peace of mind in freezing conditions. Continue reading “Will the Water in My Fire Sprinkler Pipes Freeze?” »

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How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

Portable fire extinguishers are an important part of any fire prevention program. They are the first line of defense against small fires in office buildings and commercial properties. If you act quickly, you may be able to put out a fire on the spot, restricting damage to the building and ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Of course, the success of your fire prevention program depends on several factors, including having access to a fire extinguisher when you need it most. This begs the question: how many fire extinguishers do you need for your building? Here’s some useful information to help you answer this question. Continue reading “How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?” »

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When Should I Replace My Halon Fire Suppression System?

If you have a Halon fire suppression system in your Houston property, it must have been installed before the Clean Air Act of 1994. After that, the new installations of Halon systems were banned. While Halon systems are no longer in production, it’s still legal to own and operate such a system if it was already in place before 1994.

No legislation has been passed regarding requirements to replace existing Halon fire suppression systems, but it can be a good idea for your company. Here’s more information about the chemical and how to go about replacing it. Continue reading “When Should I Replace My Halon Fire Suppression System?” »

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Do I Need Special Fire Extinguishers for My Kitchen?

Various types of combustible materials are found in commercial buildings. The type of material fueling a fire dictates which type of fire extinguisher you need to keep on hand.

The type of fire extinguisher most people are familiar with is called an ABC fire extinguisher. This is capable of putting out three different kinds of fires:

  • Class A (burning wood, cloth, paper or plastic)
  • Class B (burning liquids including gasoline)
  • Class C (electrical fires).

Continue reading “Do I Need Special Fire Extinguishers for My Kitchen?” »

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Fire Prevention Methods for Restaurants

Commercial kitchens are very dangerous places, especially if your employees are not following proper safety procedures. Knife injuries are the most common concern, but fire represents the greatest potential liability for a restaurant. Fire damage destroys valuable tools, ruins food, and may require months of downtime to repair. By taking the right steps to prevent fire damage, you can limit your exposure and reduce your risk of fire related problems. Continue reading “Fire Prevention Methods for Restaurants” »

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Commercial Fire Protection Measures You Can Do Yourself

Although Fire Prevention Week was observed in October, the importance of fire safety and prevention should be in the minds of building or property owners and managers every month. There are so many ways a fire can roar to life and quickly consume everything in its path. Yet, there doesn’t need to be extensive loss of property or loss of life—if the right protection and prevention methods are in place. Continue reading “Commercial Fire Protection Measures You Can Do Yourself” »

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Water Damage from Fire Sprinklers

You may have concerns over how much water damage may occur from your fire sprinkler system in the event of a fire.  Unfortunately, most people have only seen sprinklers in action in movies or on television. This has led to preconceived and distorted ideas that sprinklers discharge massive amounts of water and can be easily activated. When considering the amount of water damage caused by fire sprinklers, you need to consider the facts that these devices save lives and help minimize fire damage. Continue reading “Water Damage from Fire Sprinklers” »

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Kauffman Co. Named Best Place to Work by Houston Business Journal Second Year in A Row

houston-journalKauffman Co. was honored once again as a Best Place to Work from the Houston Business Journal (HBJ). The HBJ celebrates companies in the Houston, Texas area that are not only top performers in their industries, but what they also do to attract, value, retain, and inspire their talented employees. Continue reading “Kauffman Co. Named Best Place to Work by Houston Business Journal Second Year in A Row” »

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